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Welcome to Extreme Parrot Photos, the renowned attraction that has been a highlight on the illustrious Las Vegas Strip for the past three decades. With a history of collaborations with premier resorts and A-list celebrities worldwide, we are excited to extend our one-of-a-kind experience for special events in Las Vegas.

Our interactive parrot photos promise an unforgettable and exclusive experience for your event attendees. Picture the delight of being surrounded by a plethora of feathered friends, engaging in interactive moments, and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. It's an engaging and memorable experience that adds a unique touch to any special occasion.

Beyond being a fantastic experience for your guests, Extreme Parrot Photos presents a lucrative opportunity for your event. Each photo serves as a tangible keepsake and a distinctive piece of social media content, providing your attendees with a memorable memento. The captivating nature of each photo ensures widespread sharing across various social media platforms.

What does this mean for your event? It means that your event's name will be associated with every shared photo, and social media will actively work to promote your occasion. Each share has the potential to attract new attendees, transforming them into potential enthusiasts of your events.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to incorporate the allure of Extreme Parrot Photos into your special event. Contact us today, and let us demonstrate how we can contribute to making your event truly extraordinary!


 MGM Grand 1996-1999

Departments: Entertainment, Jay Leno's opening act - Special events - Marketing

Mandalay Bay Resort 2000-2008 

Departments: Entertainment - Players Card - Special events-Casino slots-Marketing

Planet Hollywood Resort  

Department: Entertainment -  2015-2018 Vegas! The Show - "V" The Ultimate Variety Show, Show Host

Flamingo Las Vegas 2009-2020  

Departments: Wild Life Habitat (attraction) - Entertainment -Marketing - Players card - Special events

Bellagio Resort 2022-2023

The  Conservatory