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Top Bird Entertainment is one of the leading providers of stage shows and attractions in Las Vegas. 

The company has built a reputation for delivering high-quality entertainment experiences that are both engaging and memorable.

Whether you're a lifelong bird enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and unforgettable entertainment experience, our Las Vegas shows and attractions are sure to impress.





Get Ready for a Heart-Pumping, Mind-Blowing, and Eye-Popping Variety Show Like No Other – AMPED!

Las Vegas, NV - If you’re ready for a show that’ll get your heart racing, your mind blown, and your eyes popping out of your head, then look no further than AMPED! Variety Show – the ultimate entertainment experience coming to you this spring.

AMPED! Brings together an electrifying mix of stand-up comedy, magic, acrobatics, and sensational singing, all in one mind-blowing performance that will leave you speechless. The show is hosted and performed by the one and only America's Got Talent finalist and Las Vegas icon, Clint Carvalho, who will take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

This isn't just another boring variety show – this is AMPED! This show is packed with high-energy, edge-of-your-seat performances that will keep you coming back for more. It’s an experience like no other and it’s one that you simply can’t miss.

But that’s not all! After every show, you’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with the performers, taking pictures and posting them all over social media with the stars themselves. Show your friends and family that you met a Las Vegas star. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make unforgettable memories that you'll cherish forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, family, or even your enemies, and get ready to be AMPED! This is a show that you won’t forget, so get your tickets now before they're all gone!




TOP BIRD ENTERTAINMENT LLC is a renowned and trusted company that provides interactive parrot photo services to resorts and hotels across Las Vegas. Over the past 16 years, we have collaborated with some of the top resorts in the city, including Encore Beach Club at the Wynn, The Lush Mirage Pool, Mandalay Bay Beach, Moorea Pool Club at Mandalay Bay, and the Go Pool at the Flamingo Hotel. Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences for guests, and we believe our parrot photos will do just that.

Proposal for Parrot Pool Party Photos

We are pleased to propose the addition of interactive parrot photos at resort pools. Our team of professional handlers will bring a variety of parrots to the pool area for guests to interact with and take photos. We can provide this service through either renting an area or a revenue split agreement.

Why Our Service is So Successful

Our parrot photos have been a hit at Las Vegas resorts due to the unique experience they provide guests. Visitors to Las Vegas want to enjoy the city, but with the added interaction and photos with our parrots, they feel as though they are also in Hawaii. This combination of relaxation and excitement sets us apart and has made us a top 10 Las Vegas attraction.

Social Media Exposure

Not only will your guests have an unforgettable experience with our parrots, but they will also share their photos on social media, showcasing your property as their Las Vegas destination. This added exposure will help to increase your property's online presence and attract even more guests in the future.

Benefits for Parrot Pool Party Photos

By incorporating our interactive parrot photos into to your luxury pool, you will be offering guests a one-of-a-kind experience that they will never forget. Our parrots are well-trained, friendly, and beautiful, which guests will love. Additionally, our proven track record of success will bring repeat business to your property, generating additional revenue and providing value to your guests.


We believe that our interactive parrot photos will provide a unique and memorable experience for the guests of your pool. We offer a turn-key, no-risk attraction with no capital cost to you, and have a proven history of generating millions of dollars in revenue for our clients over the past 16 years. "It's the one attraction you would never expect but will always remember." We look forward to working with you to turn your vision into a reality and help increase your property's online presence through social media exposure.



Introducing the one and only Clint Carvalho, the man who has taken the entertainment industry by storm with his unique and breathtaking performances. As the Las Vegas opening act and host at TOP-BIRD, Clint brings a fresh and exciting edge to every show he graces.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Clint has won countless awards for his outstanding performances. He was even voted the most "Unique & Entertaining Act" in Las Vegas - a title that he wears with pride. In 2012, he wowed audiences as a top 10 finalist on "America's Got Talent" with his incredible parrot Kitty, who he trained to perform a one-of-a-kind stunt that left the judges and audiences around the world in awe.

As the mastermind behind the parrot stunts in "Pirates of The Caribbean" and "RIO", Clint is truly a genius when it comes to animal performances. His attention to detail and dedication to his craft is second to none, and his passion for making people smile is contagious.

But it's not just about the parrots - Clint is a natural-born performer who knows how to engage his audience and create an unforgettable experience for everyone in the room. From his infectious energy to his infectious sense of humor, he knows how to capture the hearts of everyone he meets.

So if you're looking for an act that's both entertaining and unforgettable, look no further than Clint Carvalho. With his unique talents and incredible performances, he's sure to leave your guests amazed and wanting more. Book him now and experience the magic for yourself!


Now, what do you do with all these birds? Clint's talent and dedication quickly made him the most sought-after parrot whisperer in the world. He was known for his ability to understand and relate to parrots like no one else, and he was able to provide them with the care and attention they needed to thrive. His parrot shows and rehab sanctuary became the talk of the town, and he is a beloved figure in the Las Vegas community. Well, Clint lives in Las Vegas, where there are conventions and events at hotels daily. Clint had connections with all of them because he was a Las Vegas strip icon. So, like anything else, it started out with baby steps, and Clint created attractions, so the birds could interact with people of all types. Las Vegas was perfect since it had transient people that lived here and millions of visitors that came in and out of the town annually. This was to Clint his biggest accomplishment. The parrots learned that with Clint’s supervision that any color person, any age person, and male or female were never a threat.

Clint then started what he calls "schooling. By using the schooling method, all parrots would start out in grade school.

Grade school, was for all parrots that had major behavioral problems. From being afraid of humans to being afraid of being around birds that were a different a species.

In middle school, all behavioral problems were gone and would hang out with different species of parrots without fighting or flying off.

In high school, parrots loved any type of person and would hang out with any kind of parrot. They all laid on their backs and were able to use their beaks for climbing and being picked up. That's where most of the schooling ended.

College was for the 1.5% who wanted to be show birds. They couldn't wait to interact with humans and had outgoing personalities with no off days.

You can search the web and find that parrots are intelligent, but what you will find mostly is that they have an age-appropriate intelligence of 1 to 5 years. This to Clint is completely ludicrous. The reason why professors and scientist say that is because they truly do not understand how to teach parrots so that they can show their brilliants. To this day, Clint has never found a cap on a parrot's intelligence. This is why every year Clint loves parrots more and more. Because they will show him something new that they have learned on their own. This makes Clint think they are definitely as intelligent as us human beings. Clint believes a parrot's training is only limited to its teacher. Good teachers can help to build self-confidence, motivate enjoying learning new things. They can also provide personalized attention and help parrots overcome challenges and obstacles that may be hindering their progress.

A good teacher will also recognize and respect the individuality of each parrot, and understand that each parrot learns differently. Clint will use a variety of teaching methods and resources to accommodate these differences, ensuring that all parrots are engaged and challenged.

Finally, Clint will provide a safe and inclusive learning environment, where all parrots feel valued and loved. Clint will promote a positive culture, foster meaningful relationships with his parrots, and provide opportunities for interactions that are meaningful and productive. This type of environment is crucial for a parrot’s success, as it helps to create a sense of belonging and connectedness, which is critical since parrots are flock animals.

He is truly the greatest parrot whisperer in the world, and he will always be known for his exceptional talent and dedication to these magnificent creatures.

The parrots live in contentment and joy, surrounded by the love and kindness of their human companion, Clint. And they proved that even the most damaged and forgotten creatures can find new meaning and purpose in life, if only they are given the opportunity.








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